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How to make PACTS WITH THE DEVIL and other Demonic Beings book
How to make PACTS WITH THE DEVIL and other Demonic Beings book

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HOW TO MAKE PACTS WITH THE DEVIL AND OTHER DEMONIC BEINGS by S. Rob (C) 2015 Castindes publishing, 48 pages! You won't need to make these pacts for all eternity, there are pacts in this book that you can make just for a period of ONE WEEK !! Contents: Chapter 1
Making an offering to Beelzebub...5
A contract with Beelzebub to swap your behaviour for money...7
Making an offering to Leviathan...8
A contract with Leviathan to swap your behaviour for power...9
Chapter 2  
Making an offering to Asmodeus...13
A contract with Asmodeus to swap your lust for sex...15
Making an offering to Berith...16
A contract with Berith to swap your hard work for protection...18
Chapter 3
Making an offering to Astaroth...23
Making a contract with Astaroth...24
Making an offering to Verrine...26
Making a contract with Verrine...27
Making an offering to Sonneillon...29
Making a contract with Sonneillon...30
Chapter 4
Making an offering to Carreau...34
Making a contract with Carreau...36
Making a contract with Carreau for ruthlessness for a specific purpose...39
Chapter 5  
Making an offering to Lucifer, Beelzebub and Leviathan...43
Making the contracts with Lucifer, Beelzebub and Leviathan for power...45
Contract with Lucifer...46
Contract with Beelzebub...46
Contract with Leviathan...46
Contract with the unholy trinity...47

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